PARTNERS FOR REAL CHANGE (PARC) works on a voluntary basis directly in Uganda. Expansion and stabilization our programs can only be guaranteed through active partnership and the participation of many people. Volunteers can work here in Uganda, as well as at home (while in their communities/ countries).

Volunteering at PARC is free. However, we believe that, when volunteering and financial giving go hand-in-hand, it can amplify impact! For this reason, we expect volunteers to make donations to sustain PARC and its programs. 

We welcome individuals, couples (families) as well as groups (organizations) to our volunteer opportunities – which are available all year long.

While at PARC, you can combine volunteering with adventure by visiting one of the most popular tourist destinations in Uganda such as Queen Elizabeth National Park, and the Rwenzori Mountains National Park, to mention a few! 


Interested in education?

Spend your time at Shine Preparatory School, PARC’s nursery and primary school, and /or one of the local primary and secondary schools we partner with. Here you will be assisting teachers in conducting lessons, organizing coaching classes -working one-on-one with students, assessment of children to ascertain their educational needs, organizing sports and special programs, and more to be determined when on-site.

Interested in global health?

Spend your time at a government health facility, a centre we are supporting to strengthen healthcare service delivery to the rural poor. Here volunteers will assist with patient intake, taking patients’ vitals, as well as also shadow health/ medical workers throughout their rotation – for more advanced medical volunteers, participate in health education outreaches, engage in researching and collecting data on socio-health issues, etc. 

Interested in social micro-enterprise?

Spend your time assisting and training women and children in sewing, fashion and design (tailoring workshop),  making and production of jewelry, bags and baskets (art and crafts enterprise), financial literacy and business management (village savings groups),  song writing, singing and production of CDs, as well as drawing and production of visual prints (Shine Productions ), etc.



We organize housing opportunities in Kasese for volunteers. We guarantee acceptable accommodation – just within the vicinity to the project sites. Meals must be taken care of yourself.  On request, we can also organize accommodation in a “Host Family” in the community. There is currently NO internet connection for volunteers in the organization. However, it is possible to access mobile internet through the telecom service provides via smart-phones.


ALL OUR VOLUNTEERING OPPORTUNITIES ARE FREE! We do not provide financial resources in the form to cover on-ground expenses for volunteers. We expect volunteers to fund their living expense while in Uganda – volunteers must therefore be able to finance themselves entirely. In Uganda, the cost of living is not cheap compared to local wages. For the maintenance of life, the volunteer has to calculate depending on lifestyle with approximately $350 – $500 per month. This does not include any safaris that may be planned


So far nothing has happened to any of our visitors or volunteers. However, it should not be forgotten that, we work in a country where a lot of people live in absolute poverty. Robberies and other criminal acts occur again and again. We can in no way guarantee safety! Experiences in this regard will be passed on in a personal conversation. The organization cannot accept any responsibility in this regard. There are certain rules to be followed in everyday life to avoid incidents.



Ndungo Samuel is the director of PARC and main contact in Uganda. He is responsible for the introduction to the respective field work. The work is coordinated together with other team members from PARC, the community served by PARC and the relevant officers from the relevant Ugandan ministries (departments at Kasese District Local Government)


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