PARC runs/manages its own schools (daycare/nursery, primary, and secondary) such that when children graduate from our nursery school they can join our primary school, and when they graduate from our primary school they can move on to our secondary school, such that they remain under our care as we continue to monitor Read More


PARC uses an innovative child sponsorship model to ensure that orphans and vulnerable children (OVCs) get an education. PARC actively look for people from all over the world to sponsor children who struggle to raise school fees and scholastic materials for their study. For every child eternally SPONSORED, another 5 children  Read More


Seeing education as the key to economic development, PARC supports other existing educational establishments (both public and private schools) working together with the local community to improve, consolidate, and monitor educational opportunities. By addressing the barriers students face, we can help Read More

Through your Support/Donations, Children are focusing on their education and future aspirations.

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