With or without a formal education background, all people can tap into skilling ventures to boost their incomes and improve livelihoods. There is increased recognition that investment in women brings valuable skills, empathy, and an ability to relate to and support others who are accessing the social service system. At the same time, the opportunity to work allows women living in poverty to change their economic status and feel empowered by their contribution to society.


Throughout the program, we provide integrated support so that the families can better plan for their future that involves the training of zonal volunteers in OVC care, who then train caregivers and reinforces better care with OVC caregivers during home visits. Additionally, children (OVC) are trained in peer to peer counseling so that they may acquire cognitive and business skills that will not only enable them to realize their potential but also improve their interpersonal skills.


PARC is committed to helping artisans and farmers bring their products (handmade goods, coffee, and cocoa) to market so they can get decent wages and  improve their livelihoods, and develop sustainable businesses with the goal of encouraging self-reliance, minimizing rural exodus to urban centers (cities), advancing food security in the community.  Rural poverty is complex thus PARC has designed solutions such as value chain development and market facilitation, community tourism and micro-loans,


Support Children Get

back to schools


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