We are Partners for Real Change (PARC), formerly Luhwahwa Youth Development Foundation (LUYODEFO).

As you can already see, we have a new name and a new logo. Allow me introduce to you our new identity and our journey this far. As a child advocacy leader, we are being true to our promise by moving deeper into Uganda and working with more partners in different parts of the world.  

As our work evolves, we feel it is time to take on the next bigger direction . Our new assignment and name give us confidence and optimism that we can spearhead the programming and implementation of holistic community-led development processes and narratives across the region.


Since our founding as a youth discussion group that evolved in LUYODEFO, the organization has experienced tremendous growth and has become a trusted partner in the community, and especially in demonstrating transparency and accountability; a reference point for what is working. 

As we become PARC, we are building on what we do best; designing sustainable community-led programs that build community’s capacity in address local problems, retooling local institutions to deliver competence-based programs, creating spaces for global students to fully participate in designing multi-disciplinary projects, creating partnerships for greater impact and engaging local leaders for policy influence. 


Some things will not change! Behind the new name and new logo, we are still the same  vision; only much bigger, more ambitious and enterprising. Our focus, commitment and mission remain the same. 


Once again, welcome to Partners for Real Change (PARC): We create lasting change, for generations.


To be the catalyst for the global community involvement in the transformation of marginalized and overlooked regions of Africa, particularly Uganda. We envision a world of equal opportunity where children live and grow without barriers and suffering regardless of race, ethnicity, location, or socio-economic status. We believe that empowering children to become leaders can facilitate and sustain the transformation of their communities.


To create a platform for supporting and empowering the resource-poor families while connecting vulnerable children to socio-health and economic opportunities otherwise unattainable – better preparing them for the professional world and be able to contribute to sustainable development among the under-served and marginalized communities across the Rwenzori region of western Uganda.

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Education can transform children’s Life

PARC’s Education Support program emphasizes learning through play, critical thinking, and creativity – preparing all learners (students) not only to succeed academically but also to become leaders and advocates for change in their homes and communities.

Through your support / donations, children will focus on their education and future aspirations.

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