To be the catalyst for the global community involvement in the transformation of marginalized and overlooked regions of Africa, particularly Uganda. We envision a world of equal opportunity where children live and grow without barriers and suffering regardless of race, ethnicity, location, or socioeconomic status. We believe that empowering children to become leaders can facilitate and sustain the transformation of their communities.


To support marginalized communities across the Rwenzori region through creating a platform for empowering resource-poor people while connecting vulnerable children to socio-health and economic opportunities otherwise unattainable – better preparing them for the professional world and be able to contribute to sustainable development among the Vulnerable and marginalized communities.

Become a Volunteer

Partners For Real Change (PARC) works on a voluntary basis directly in Uganda. Expansion and stabilization of our programs can only be guaranteed through active partnership and the participation of many people. Volunteers can work here in Uganda, as well as at home (while in their communities/ countries

Education can transform children's Life

PARC Educare emphasizes learning through play, critical thinking,
and creativity – preparing our students not only to succeed
academically but also to become leaders and advocates for
change in their homes and communities.

Through your Support/Donations, Children are focusing on their education and future aspirations.

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