PARC relies exclusively on voluntary contributions (donations and services) from individuals and organizations. You can securely make your financial contributions through the DONATE button using your CREDIT Card

We accept in-kind donations (materials) such as school supplies, art supplies, play equipment, sports equipment, vocational equipment, music equipment, sanitary supplies (soap, toothbrushes, tooth paste, sanitary pads), solar lights, clothes, shoes, mattresses, blankets, etc. There are many things you can give to assist in creating a great change in the lives of the rural, poor communities in Uganda.

Ship or send donations to Ndungo Samuel, Director, PARTNERS FOR REAL CHANGE (PARC), P.O Box 148, Kasese – Uganda. Mobile: +256 774982746 If you have any questions or need some clarification on what you can donate, please contact us


Education and healthcare are opportunities for children to rise out their circumstances, allowing them to pursue their dreams and goals in life and giving them hope for a better future. With just a few dollars a month, you make an incredible difference in a child’s life and change that child’s entire world. Transform a child entire life today!


This program connects your students with a school in rural Africa allowing them to learn about the “different worlds” but also benefiting pupils, teachers, and parents from both schools in the different countries and continents to discuss international development and develop responsibility as global citizens. Twin with a Ugandan school today.