For many families who live hand-to-mouth from the land in the villages we serve, the chances that they can pay for their children to go to school are next to nothing. Many of the parents in these families are illiterate and besides having little hope of substantially changing their lives, they do not value sending a child to school but instead send them to the farms and engage them into early marriages.

Even for children with all parents, typically the father is not responsible and the mother moves from job to job in distant villages so care for these children comes down to grandparents. Most of these caretakers grow vegetables is a small garden to sell at the market and more often than not, this income is not enough even for basic needs.

We believe that education is the key to breaking this vicious cycle of poverty. Together with local leaders and a parents committee, PARC identifies orphans and other children from neediest families and offer them a scholarship to attend school.


There is a huge orphan and vulnerable children (OVC) burden in our community and most children are living in extreme poverty. The orphans experience severe bullying and stigmatization in traditional Ugandan school settings while impoverished children can’t afford Ugandan school fees. In Uganda, it is well known that “universal access to education” does not mean free education, so the orphans are the least likely to receive an education. In this situation, the poor families need help to send their children to/in school and children need support to keep them engaged with school and be able to complete their education. 


Our solution is to offer holistic support to orphans and vulnerable children (OVCs). While you sponsor an individual child, all the sponsorship money goes towards supporting children from impoverished families (including unsponsored at-risk children) with a good education and nutritious meals at school. All of our children are also learning about the love and hope through our leadership program.


You will offer an opportunity to provide a quality education to the sponsored children. It’s an easy way to give back while making a lasting impact on a child and the community at-large. As a sponsor, you will receive an update two or three times regarding your sponsored child’s academic progress, a photo plus a personal message or drawing. Partnering with us for averagely $50 a month will give each child the gift of an education in an environment where they are valued, celebrated and encouraged to achieve their potential.