Mountain Tribe Tours and Travel (M3T) is a community service project of Partners for Real Change (PARC). It is a tour and travel social enterprise providing travelers (tourists) with an opportunity to experience the community life and appreciate the daily lives of the local people, while directly contributing to the incomes of the villagers. Besides, the income realized through tour services is directly used to support PARC to implement project that target orphans and vulnerable children (OVCs), adolescents and youth, and the entire community.

Why is PARC investing in responsible tourism?

While tourism has become one of the most profitable sectors of Ugandan economy, until now only very few Ugandans actually benefit from it. In fact, many people are even suffering under the impact of tourism – when their immediate surrounding communities becomes part of a national park (or game reserve), they are not allowed to effectively protect themselves against wild animals. Responsive community tourism is a possibility to help these people to get a fair share of the tourism industry and thereby encourage them to engage in the preserving of Uganda’s valuable and beautiful wildlife.

 How is M3T in a unique position to benefit the community? 

It is owned by a local non-profit grassroot organization and managed by the local community, creating jobs – providing employment for people with a variety of skills, including guides, artisans, dancers, etc.  It will also help a community diversify its economy, which may previously have been dependent on one industry or economic sector.

In Kasese, there are a few employment opportunities, so M3T will provide an important source of income which discourages people from carrying out non-sustainable activities such as poaching, fishing, logging or gathering firewood from protected areas. Receiving tourists also provides and incentive for communities to value their natural environment and preserve it for future visitors and residents.

The community members participate in the tour and all proceeds from the fee levied to guests all go directly back to the community (whereby 40% is shared by the site owners and local guided, 40% goes to PARC programming (to fund community projects in Education, Health and Sustainability), and 20% is directed to project operations).  We believe that creating direction incomes for site owners and local guides will contribute heavily to conservation as the community will become more protective of the wildlife they benefit from.

 What services does M3T offer?

M3T offers but not limited to the following services;- tours and travels, workshops, performances, dining,  homestays (accommodation), and organizing your safaris to desired destinations, all of which are provided by the local community.

Village walk: This takes you through the community and is great way of visiting community projects like local farms (vanilla experience/coffee experience/cocoa experience), handicrafts (weaving, wood carving, pottery making  and tailoring centers, a waterfall, distillation site of local gin, banana-beer brewing demonstration site, a traditional healer, a primary school, bird-watching in a community, music and performance.

Cultural Interactive tour: Here you go through villages where you meet tribes with different cultures but all residing in this same region so with the community village interaction, you get a chance hear different languages, different types of foods with different cooking norms, dressing etc and also travel to the local market to learn about produce, fabrics and trade – where visitors get the opportunity to browse the local craft shops.

 Top of the world viewHere you will have chance to trek mount Rwenzori (hills of snow capped Rwensoris) to a higher altitude compared to the sounding topography , giving you a clear view of different communities, which gives you chance to see sceneries like beautiful plains of the Queen Elizabeth National Park, mini-water falls in the green valleys of Rwenzoris, etc.

 Local institution Tours: Here you can visit a local school or health center which takes anything between 1 to 3 hours depending on what you engage in while at the school/health center. This allows you to learn more about the education and health systems of the countries. You can bring along items (material donations) to give a way to the people like scholastic materials, medical equipments, etc.

Home stays: With more time and interest in immersing yourself further in the culture and community of the area you visit, you can choose a few days to stay with a local family. Here you will have the opportunity to get involved in the daily chores of this family and eat the traditional and adapted foods.

How does this benefit tourists?

Visitors to community tourism projects experience a unique and authentic side of Ugandan life, as they meet the villagers, play with the kids, explore educational and health systems, taste/eat traditional food, and are guided by experts who have lived here their whole lives.
Unlike traditional tourism, M3T will provide you with one of the most meaningful creational and educational memories of your Ugandan holiday!

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