This is a program where someone (a child sponsor) supports the children within PARC’s program. The sponsor helps the child to attain an education and meet their developmental needs holistically; hence the child sponsor partners with PARC’s program and the community through cost sharing. 

Child sponsorship isn’t a replacement of a guardian or parent’s responsibilities. It’s not a full dependence on another nor does it cover the entire needs of a child. It’s specific in objective and is time bound.

How are children selected?

The most needy children are identified through various local community sources, such as charity staff/volunteers, social workers, community leaders, churches/ religious leaders, and the school administration.

With evidence that the child is likely to be non-transient and stable within the community, priority is given to children who meet some of the criteria for selection such as;-

The child is an orphan (be it half orphan – one parent dead or double orphan -both parents dead).

The child or the parents are chronically sick (especially with HIV/AIDS, cancer).

The child is a member of a child headed family or family headed by very old people.

The child is living with a single parent or caregiver.

The child is abandoned or neglected or is at risk of being abused or exploited.

The child has a physical or mental impairment.

The child has the potential to progress in school, but parents can’t afford to send the child to school.

These children are profiled and can be available to intending sponsors through our website. The sponsor can choose the child s/he wants to support directly online. However, should any sponsor wish us to guide in finding the child for sponsorship, we can help choose children with the most urgent needs!

How long can I sponsor my child?

In Uganda, children ideally attend school for 11 – 13 years at a minimum. So the sponsors may choose to support a child for one year, several years, or for the entirety of his/her education. If a sponsored child is not doing well at school, and finally drop-out, we encourage and support them to complete vocational training such as tailoring, welding and metal fabrication, mechanical or electrical, catering/ hospitality, etc.

How much does it cost to sponsor a child?

For nursery (pre-school/ kindergarten) level, the cost is $44 per term (3 months) which is just $132 annually — translating into $11 monthly.

For primary school level, the cost is $72 per term (3 months) which is just $216 annually — translating into $18 monthly.

For secondary school level, the cost is $120 per term (3 months) which is just $360 annually — translating into $30 monthly.

Can I partially sponsor my child?

Yes. In this case, you should allow PARC to find a co-sponsor with whom to share this sponsorship responsibility with you for this child.

Where does my sponsorship money go?

90% of your sponsorship goes towards your child’s tuition (meeting teachers’ salaries and school operational expenses), school meals, uniform, and scholastic supplies; 10% of your sponsorship goes towards caseworkers’ transportation costs and salaries in Uganda. The transportation costs include delivering the school fees and supplies and performing regular check-ups on the child’s well-being.

How are parents & guardians involved in the sponsorship?

The guardians and parents are fully involved in our program and are solely responsible for attending parent meetings, providing their child’s with essential school supplies, and contributing to the feeding program. These values are a part of our school culture and have been developed over time with the community.

The involvement of parents tackles poverty at the roots by generating community responsibility and fostering dignity through cost sharing. This empowers parents to educate their child and raise them holistically.

Can I communicate with my sponsored child?

Yes! You can send letters and pictures to us and we will deliver them to your sponsored child, please contact us. When your child responds, we will send you their response in the mail. All communication to and fro the child must go through us for the safety of the sponsor and your child.

Can I visit my sponsored child?

Yes! You can make a trip to Uganda any time throughout the year. If you would like to make trip to visit your child, please contact us

Can I send my child extra money or gifts?

Yes! You are welcome to send us extra money for gifts to your child. When sending money for something specific, please let us know and 100% of the money will be used as you wish (as long as it is within reason and aligns with our mission and values).

Please do not send parcels! Parcels received from overseas always attract hefty tax and duty fees and more often than not, this places a heavy burden on our budget.

What happens when my child graduates to the next level of education?

When your child moves from nursery to primary school, or from primary school to secondary school, or from secondary school to university, there will be an increase in sponsorship amount. If you cannot afford to increase your sponsorship, we will find another sponsor to share in the sponsorship with you. We do not place any expectations on the sponsor to increase their sponsorship amount at any time throughout their child’s education.

What happens after my child finishes his or her education?

After your child finishes his or her education, your sponsorship for that child is complete. You can then choose another child to sponsor if you wish. Although the financial aid for your child is complete, we will still be there to provide the child with emotional support and advice until they find a job and become self-sufficient adults.

How sponsored children are monitored?

Our staff monitors the children both in their school and family situations. The children are visited at school at least on monthly basis (thrice a term) and the attendance of sponsored students is verified. School teachers for the sponsored child are met with each month, and the students’ academic performance and future studies are discussed. Homes are visited once every school holidays. The home situation, family life, sleeping, hygiene and nutrition of each child are assessed at each visit. The children in circumstances causing concern (e.g. nutrition, sanitation, health, depression, moral issues) are visited more regularly.

What do sponsors expect from PARC

Supporting a child through us entails the sponsor a personal connection with that child. You will receive a thank-you letter from our staff and a full profile of child assigned to you, which includes name, basic information of his/her family, the school and his or her picture, etc. Thereafter, we send you our periodic updates (3 per year) that will include a child’s photo with a progress report from the school and a letter from child’s teacher.