PARC Education Centre

PARC Educare will use an integrated approach offering multi-service early learning, child-care, and family support. We will run daycare centers caring for children aged 1.5-3 years while educating the mothers/caregivers on the basics of early childhood development (ECD) – especially in the areas of childcare, play, and nutrition, family planning, health such as immunization campaigns.


Supporting OVCs

For every child SPONSORED, another 5 children on our program who do not have any help from their guardian or a sponsor will also indirectly benefit while for every 5 children that pay FULL SCHOOL FEES, 1 vulnerable child gets a half-fees scholarship (using PARC’s innovative child sponsorship model) – that’s because we work to strengthen the whole community, so all children can thrive. 


School Outreaches

By addressing the health barriers students face, we can increase the impact education has on their future. To this, we are doing the following;- Engaging parents, local authority leaders, and traditional leaders in community sensitization activities that promote educational programs. Conducting and reproductive health education about important issues.


Through your Support/Donations, Children are focusing on their education and future aspirations.

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