There are plenty of ways you can directly support PARC’s work and they don’t all involve going on a trip to Africa! Here are some ideas for how your skills or unused items can be used to help the orphans, at-risk children, youth, and women in Uganda.


Partners for Real Change (PARC) relies exclusively on voluntary contributions (donations and services) from individuals and organizations. You can securely make your online financial contributions using a currency of your choice (such as US Dollars, Euros, GBP, etc) through your PayPal, Credit and Debit Card,  MobileMoney, and many other options as shown below. 



We accept in-kind donations that assist in creating a great change in the lives of the rural, poor Ugandans! We need writing scholastic materials, art supplies, play/ sports equipment,  vocational equipment, music equipment, sanitary supplies, solar lights, clothes, shoes, mattresses, blankets, etc. 


Do you aspire to meaningful world travel?  Do you believe in supporting sustainable solutions to local problems?  Do you want to travel to Africa, but can’t find an option to ensure that you you ain’t just traveling but contributing to international development?

PARC will provide you a customized culture -adventure tours for compassionate, solo travelers, with limited vacation time! 


Education and healthcare are opportunities for children to rise out their circumstances, allowing them to pursue their dreams and goals in life and giving them hope for a better future. With just a few dollars a month, you make an incredible difference in a child’s life and change that child’s entire world. 


Would you like to join us on the ground in Uganda?  Its easier and budget friendly! Just plan a trip to Kasese to support the work of PARC in a rural remote community in the foothills of the famous Rwenzori mountains.   


This program connects your students with a school in rural Africa allowing them to learn about the “different worlds” but also benefiting pupils, teachers, and parents from both schools in the different countries and continents to discuss international development and develop responsibility as global citizens.